Build your own Anti-Spam System


Complete instructions on how to build it.
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Includes lifetime updates & support.

The Piratefish Anti-Spam system is built by you using open source software that protects your email against spam and mail relay attacks.  Many of the Piratefish’s features are found in expensive commercial spam filters, but without the expense of the commercial solutions. The Piratefish uses all open source software – this means that all the software itself is free.

This eBook comes with support and lifetime updates.

The instructions show you how to download and create the Linux OS installation CD and then use that CD to create a complete anti-spam, anti-virus email gateway system.  This system can protect one, or many different email domains for as many mail servers you have.

The Piratefish is a Linux Learning Experience.

As you build the Piratefish, you will also learn about Linux systems management and construction and how the various open-source programs used in the Piratefish work together to protect you from spam.  By setting up and installing your own solution, you have the satisfaction of knowing what’s going on, getting a great head start into learning how to use and administrate the powerful Linux OS.  Linux has unlimited potential, and this guide helps unlock this OS for the common user.

From churches to police departments, from private web hosting to hotels, doctors offices to businesses large and small, systems administrators and consultants from all over the world have used and deployed the Piratefish Anti-spam system with excellent results.